Selene - Supreme Goddess Life Size Love Doll

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Selene, the Supreme "Sex" Goddess is a Life Size love doll you'll bow down too. Made of a solid material, this full length doll comes with inflatable chambers that gives her a lifelike feel. Pump her up in seconds with the convenient inflation pump. All of her limbs are detachable, making her extremely easy to store but also means she's incredibly flexible.  Weighing in at 18kg and a height of 155cm, she's the perfect size for any man. You can move her head, legs and arms into any position you want, to fulfill any fantasy you desire. Her vagina and anus are made of LoveClone RX material to feel just like the real thing. With a nodule tunnel that stimulates sexual pleasure and bring to you climax in no time. It also vibrates, with a strong powered multi-speed vibrator, easily used together with the vagina and anus. Features Weight 18kg Height 155cm Inflatable limbs Movable body parts Detachable body parts LoveClone RX Material Vibrating Multispeed Inflation Pump