Real Feel 8's Sex Adult Pleasure Orgasm Condom

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Durex RealFeel give a truly sensual experience. Due to its non-latex material it's a great choice for people who have an allergy to latex. The special way we make Durex RealFeel condoms means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy. Please note: Tests show that Durex RealFeel (or Avanti Ultima) condoms have minimal potential for induced delayed hypersensitivity (also called "Type IV allergy" and allergic contact dermatitis). Some people who are sensitive to latex may also have sensitivity to these condoms. If you experience irritation or have any allergic reaction, stop using them and see a doctor. For optimal security the product should be placed in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Features Clinically proven Nominal width: 56mm Transparent, lubricated and teat ended
 Dermatologically tested 100% electronically tested