Eye Of Love Evening Delight Pheromones

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This pheromone rich formulated perfume is designed to give maximum impact whilst producing a pleasant and intoxicating fragrance.  Pheromones react to the bodies chemistry causing pleasureable mood creating a romantic ambience and attraction to the wearer. be more sensual create more intimacy express yourself Find more hapiness and romance.  Have more confidence.  There is a fragrance right for any time of day for optimum results.   After Dark - Fragrance for Women to Attract Men One Love - Fragrance for Women to Attract Men Romantic  - Fragrance For Men to Attract Women Morning Glow - Fragrance for Women to Attract Men Evening Delight - Fragrance for Women to Attract Men Confidence - Fragrance for Women to Attract Men   Have you ever been drawn to someone whose smell was intoxicating and you just couldn?t stop thinking about them? That?s called chemical attraction, and is caused by our natural pheromones that are secreted from our glands, which send signals to trigger specific mating responses in our brain. They are sensed by an organ in the nasal passage known as VMO, then send messages to the brain to interpret signals that can include fertility, confidence, sexual attraction, trustworthiness and even success or power. Consequently, pheromones can produce overwhelming attraction, even when the physical attributes are lacking. This is where Eye of Love Pheromones can help!  Endorsed by Dr Ava Cadell and Sex and Relationship coash Anain Bjokquist!