Dual Vibe (Pink) Sex Toy Adult Pleasure

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Its Multi Flex innovative design makes Dual vibe the only multiple angles vibrator which keeps a given shape... from 0 to 180 degrees! So versatile it replaces most other devices. Dual vibe is ready out of the box functional. It’s so comfortable that you almost feel it’s an extension of yourself. It fits firmly, without any embarrassing belts and it’s also wireless. Made of elastomer and phthalate free it’s totally safe for the skin. Men and women can make love while Dual Vib is worn, and the feeling is as good for him as it is for her. In solo use, it’s a real gymnast for your sexuality, bending and fitting perfectly with any anatomy. For all other feats, Dual Vib offers a multitude of positions and a large number of possibilities. Dual Vibe is comparable to a probe and also to a double dildo. Its unique Multi Flex design makes it totally malleable and gives you the choice of positions. dual vibe mould perfectly the labia, clitoris and vagina. Small but powerful it has one vibration mode and one vibrator on each end. It works by using 3 small watch battery size, easy to find and replaceable. Helping you find your way in the dark, it lights up with a red led. Each Dual Vib comes with a 90 days warranty against any mechanical defects.